– A 16,000 square feet groundbreaking, locative audio, multimedia experience. Created by John Duckworth for Enough Pie , above Redux Contemporany Art Center.  –

1056 King Street
(This exhibit is no longer on display.)

As part of Enough Pie’s “Awakenings V — King Tide”, artist John Duckworth created a large-scale, site-specific art installation using leading edge smartphone-activated locative audio technology. Titled “Wade in the Water,” the 16,000 sq/ft installation incorporates groundbreaking smartphone technology and custom computer programming to place audio files in specific locations that are triggered by each individual’s movement through the space, resulting in a deeply interactive and immersive participatory experience.

Working with 4-time Grammy nominated jazz musician/producer Quentin Baxter, and composer Lee Barbour, the empty space comes alive with the sound of a gospel choir singing “Wade in the Water.” Visitors will be able to walk within and around the sounds, as if walking directly into the choir.

A central diamond shaped room with dual-projections of melting glaciers of Antarctica and flooded Charleston streets provides an inner sanctum for contemplation. Visitors will be able to participate by recording audio commentary in the final section of the room, which can then be heard by others.

Come and explore the space, and if so inspired add your voice to this evolving participatory instillation-recording daily on location.

*This is a smart phone based exhibit, bring your headphones! (extra smartphones and headphones available)



Panel 2

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